Retiring in Ontario – Some Quick Tips

October 6th, 2011

Everyone dreams of a perfect retirement right? But the idea of a perfect retirement changes according to the mind that is dreaming of it. Choosing whether or not to retire in Ontario is also quite a difficult decision for many, one that we at Granite Harbour have decided to help you with today with some informative tips.


  • Plan for your retirement. Make sure that you have worked out just how much money you will need to live out. Service Canada has a great calculator to help you with this here.



  • Following up on Tip #1 – when you make a budget STICK TO IT!


  • Downsize and save. Do you really need that 4 bedroom house? No is the simple answer, downsizing not only saves you money but also time – on household chores etc.


  • Share your knowledge. So you have a few years on those teenagers at the youth centre – think about passing this knowledge on. Not only will it give you a chance to develop a new relationship and an activity to look forward to but it can also give you the opportunity to potentially change someone’s life.



  • Learn a new skill or hobby. You have all this free time on your hands – what about putting it to good use? You have always dreamt of being able to paint a sunset, well here in Georgian Bay we have the most amazing ones so get out there and practise that skill!



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